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Who We Are

Dr. Bob Johnson built his Team Transformation System to help executives and their teams discover and close the gap between who they think they are and who they actually are.  In brief, most professionals say they believe in transparency, learning, and working collaboratively with others.  When the stakes are high, however, these same leaders do just the opposite. This gap, which consistently results in team under-performance and/or dysfunction, is both universal and unconscious. Nearly every leader we have worked with demonstrates this gap between self-concept and behavior yet they are blind to this reality. 


The Team Transformation System grew out of Dr. Johnson's 20+ years experience as a team consultant and organizational psychologist.  Along that journey, Dr. Johnson learned that mindset has a foundational impact on team performance, especially in high stakes situations.  Acting on that realization, Bob began a multi-year collaboration with former Harvard faculty to ensure that his programs were powered by best-in-class research and development methods, and could reliably produce real-world improvements in team effectiveness.

"Dr. Johnson helped my organization shift to execute larger projects and expand our mindset to drive for excellence. In this new mindset of executing billion dollar plus projects, he was instrumental in helping each individual identify the areas where they needed improvement and just as important, to help each other to achieve a higher working level as a team."

—Manuel Junco, Senior Vice President, Americas

After participating in his Team Transformation Program, leadership teams routinely report a 15-50% improvement in individual team member effectiveness (based on 360° survey results).  These improvements result in strengthened trust, accelerated decision making, and a renewed sense of confidence.  Clients affirm the value they see in our work by referring us to their organizational colleagues in over 80% of our engagements.  As our work expands across the organization, leaders and teams start "speaking the same language."  This alignment reduces conflict, increases momentum, and drives improved results.  

The mindset and skills required for high performance teamwork can be taught.  Our consultants are expert teachers and coaches with a deep knowledge of human behavior in business settings. 


We will equip your team with the mind-set and skills to to perform at their best, especially

when the stakes are high and reputations are on the line. 

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Irvine, CA 92619

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