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We Accelerate 

Leadership Team Performance

What We Do

Our targeted development programs quickly accelerate team performance.  We do this by helping leaders and their teams discover and close the gaps that limit group excellence.  Our programs impart durable

awareness and skills, ensuring that team work becomes a competitive advantage for your organization.

Why We Do It

Most people want to see their teams succeed. Yet, every day, they encounter challenges that make this difficult.  People don’t act on relevant feedback.  Meetings fail to yield solutions.  Work is delivered in ways that make others' tasks more difficult.  We're committed to showing our clients how to circumvent these challenges, saving time, money, and headaches.

Our Results

Client teams report a 15-50% improvement in individual team member effectiveness (based on 360° survey results).  These improvements result in strengthened trust, accelerated decision making, and a renewed sense of confidence.  Clients affirm their confidence in our work by referring us to their organizational colleagues in over 80% of our projects.  

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is for every leadership team in every organization to work together in ways that build trust, enable collaboration, and produce high quality decisions.   We know that your success depend on it.

Teamwork is the lifeblood of organizations.  The Design team must work effectively with Engineering to bring new products to market.  Quality needs the support of Operations to reduce the cost of waste.  Sales counts on Development to deliver timely and relevant software solutions.   Without alignment, collaboration and trust, performance grinds to a halt.

Yet, teamwork is easier said than done.  Working in groups on ambitious targets under tight timelines can be a pressure cooker.  Inevitably, obstacles arise that endanger success.  In those moments, with reputations on the line and emotions running high, many people default to a "win and be right" mindset.  This self-protective stance causes leaders and professionals around the globe to behave in ways that undermine teamwork.  Judgement takes root.  Blame begins.  "Shields" go up.  Inevitably, this pattern jeopardizes project milestones, endangers critical KPIs, and ensures that cross-functional groups adopt adversarial approaches to one another. You know how painful this can be.

Past team building efforts haven't moved the needle for you, and now you think that no one truly understands the issue at a deep enough level to offer a meaningful solution to this recurring challenge.


You're doubtful that anyone can equip your team with the skills it needs to produce its best work every time, even when the stakes are high and reputations are on the line.

We know how to do just that. 



Barry Moulsdale

Regional GM

Our work together has made a significant impact on my growth journey as a leader as well as the overall performance of my team.  Time, energy, and resources well spent!


Raoul Portillo

VP, Business Development

Over the course of several engagements, I saw my teams gel with one another,  address the real issues , and commit to working with one another in new and more effective ways.


Duane Barnes

VP, Project Management

I have seen Dr. Bob improve the performance of both individuals and teams. And that improved performance led to stronger results in the businesses led by those people and  teams .

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Irvine, CA 92619

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