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Developing High Impact Leadership Teams


Right now, new challenges are emerging in your industry. You and your team must frame problems, make decisions and focus resources - each of which will have significant consequences on the success of your organization.  Competing and winning will require you to creatively solve problems as a team.  If you aren't actively investing in building these capabilities, you risk failure.  I can help you mitigate this risk, strengthen your team, and equip you to more effectively navigate the challenges that lie ahead.   

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A few years ago, after years of consulting to teams looking to fulfill their potential, my career transformed when I came across a guy that taught me the one thing that makes all the difference.

Now, I begin every team engagement with a “wake up call” experience - a video-taped role play of a common yet challenging workplace scenario.

Here’s the thing – everyone says that they listen well, they collaborate, they’re transparent. But when I ask them to demonstrate those very behaviors on video-tape… they CAN’T do it! Every time, people are shocked to see (on video!) that who they think they are is not who they actually are.

It’s a wake-up call for everyone – a painful one at times.

This experience is the foundation of our team transformation process. People start to see themselves – and their colleagues – in a new light and commit to meaningful personal change.

You don’t need
• death by PowerPoint
• yet another team building session
• another talk seminar

You need your team to move to the next level – and I can help you get there.


Following my service in the US Army, I've spent the past fifteen years helping senior business leaders to eliminate silos and create one team, one goal cultures

My work with clients accelerates trust and builds collaborative problem solving capabilities – so that they solve problems in ways that ensure they stay solved and move the business forward

I work with Business Owners and Senior Executives who are understand that culture is a competitive advantage and are committed to taking action. They are exceptionally competitive professionals who are searching for ways to unlock the potential of their teams. They often have a technical background (e.g., engineering, technology) and lead large and/or important functions in their organization, like Operations, Product Development, and Quality.

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